ABEONA Business Services + Coaching Inc. Abeona Homepage 1 small 72p
was founded in 2010 and became an incorporation in 2013.

ABEONA provides

  • Consulting and Services to Enterprises
  • Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Consulting and Business Services include

  • Interim Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management

Our Coaching encourages

  • Self-management and Empowerment
  • Performance and resilience
  • Team Development

In Consulting our many years of professional experience and knowledge flows in as a part of a solution or service delivered. Coaching we facilitate the personal development and solution finding process for individuals or teams.

 "Abeona": A Roman deity who is thought of watching over the first steps in breaking new ground. It is our goal to contribute to successful changes and new beginnings with our ability to make a difference and „to have an impact".

It is our pleasure to support you in all our capacities with engagement and joy to be able to contribute to your future success.

We are pleased to offer you our knowledge and skills with commitment and joy to successfully move forward together with you.